Wonderful - A painting of Jesus in a Garden showing a Boy a Butterlfy

Wonderful - A painting of Jesus in a Garden showing a Boy a Butterlfy

Jesus and a young child enjoy a moment together in a vibrant garden filled with colorful flowers. Jesus gently holds a butterfly, and the child watches with a joyful expression. Butterflies flutter around them, adding to the sense of wonder and tranquility. The light shining on them highlights the warmth and love in their interaction. The scene is serene and uplifting, capturing the beauty of their bond and the peacefulness of nature.

Meet Brooks Preston, Born Feb 15th 2021. He turns 3 this year! 🤍🦋
Melissa Johnson won our custom portrait drawing for February! We are so grateful she was willing to share Brooks with us. 🙏

Her first question, "... I was wondering if this is even possible given the fact my sweet Brooks was only with us this side of heaven for 20 days. Every picture I have of him is as a newborn in the NICU."

It takes vulnerability and strength to share your angel baby, it's painful too... thank you again for your courage! 😔🩵

Melissa continued with how she imagined Him today, "... I think he would have dark brown hair like his living brother~ Liam. ... I imagine Brooks would have a hazel color, similar to Liam’s eye color. For skin color, Brooks had more my olive skin tone and more so my facial features. If I sent you a baby picture of Brooks and one of me, it’s such a beautiful resemblance💕

The feeling? Gosh so many but when I think of my Brooks, I just think even now at three years old he would have a personality similar to mine~ a sweet, tender-hearted, quiet, and sensitive soul"

- Can't you feel the connection she still has with her boy? Such a sweet mamma. 🥹🩵

We asked, "if he were with Jesus what would he be doing?"
".... on the day Brooks passed away in my arms, my husband and I went on a walk earlier that day and on the trail we were surrounded by so many butterflies. All different colors and the most we had ever seen at once.

... I visualize almost like Jesus having a butterfly on his finger and showing it to Brooks, while Jesus is on his knees to get to Brooks’ height. I see the background being the most beautiful and colorful flowers... with butterflies everywhere. I see them interacting with the butterflies and a soft smile on Brooks’ face."

We pray this piece reflects at least a glimmer of the light that shines in this mamma's heart. He is SO deeply loved. Please follow her for more of this light ✨🤍

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