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Custom Star Map, Night Sky Print, Star Map Poster, Baby Gift, Constellation, Nursery Gift, Personalized Gift

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"The heavens declare the Glory of God"
Our personalized star map canvas print is the perfect way to remember that our lives are part of a Grand Design.

With the help of astronomy software we are able to recreate the night sky from the exact time and place you wish to remember.
The sky you'll see on the print is the specific alignment of the stars from the place where your life was changed forever!

Remember the birth of a baby or pregnancy with this special gift, add battery operated fairy lights for a beautiful nightlight!

♡ Quote
♡ Location (Zip Code)
♡ Date
♡ Name or Event to Remember
♡ Frame Color
♡ Background
White (Recommended For Lighting)
Midnight (Recommended Without Lighting)

About this art:
Small (8x8) Canvas print in a 9x9 High Quality Frame
Med (10x10) Canvas in a 11x11 Frame
Large (12x12) Canvas in a 13x13 Frame

The Frame is hand crafted in Utah, splined corners all wood to wood connections (Frames of this quality are selling for over $40 right here on etsy.)
The print is done on Canvas, this is a high quality print! You won't find anything of this quality for this price.

***Special Discount*** when remembering Angel Babies - just select the style option for the discount if you are remembering infant loss or miscarriage
About us: we are part of a non-profit dedicated to remembering Angel Babies (Remembered Angel), all proceeds will go towards blessing Angel Families. 💕🦋👣