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Memorial Night Light | Dimmable and Comforting

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The nights are the most difficult, there's no 'thing' that can ever fill the emptiness... especially when you're left alone in the dark.
This night light is designed to be a constant reminder that the light of your angel will continue to shine.

One of the most difficult challenges with loss is that others want to be respectful but don't know what to say.
Most people go silent, those grieving need to be comforted to know they are not alone..

Your gift will be appreciated when they need it most, at the end of the day when they feel most alone. ♡♡♡

Show someone you remember their Angel, Invite someone to remember yours. Comfort those who mourn.

8x8 Square or 6x12 Rectangle

The hardwood frame is hand made in Utah with splined corners. All wood to wood Amish styled joinery.

The print is done on stretched canvas with a method we developed specifically for this gift.
We have used this method for some amazing prints... they change the whole spirit of the home.

A touch dimmer switch allows you to set it to the perfect brightness, this light will change the spirit in the entire room.

Personalize it with ANY digital print or message us for a custom design to make it absolutely perfect.

♡♡♡ We have been working on memorials since 2015 and absolutely love to add personal touches. ♡♡♡