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Infant Loss, Miscarriage Gift, Miscarriage Keepsake, Memorial Wood Angel Baby Block, Laser Etched

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Show someone you remember their angel by sending them a one of a kind gift.

See Our Story for details on how your gift will show the world that
"No footprint is too small to leave an imprint on this world."

One of the most difficult challenges with baby loss is that others want to be respectful while a mother is grieving.
Most people go silent, but a grieving mother wants to be assured her baby still matters, still will make a difference in this world.

These blocks are beautiful and will bring opportunities to share your Angel with others.
You'll love having reminders of your Angel Baby where others can see them.
One thing others have loved most about these blocks is that others are drawn to them will acknowledge the loss.
It opens opportunities to share and talk about your Angel in a comfortable and fitting way.

We have given these to families of Angels who would be over 15 and the response is always the same... deep gratitude for remembering them.

Show someone you remember their Angel, Invite someone to remember yours.

The first letter block will be engraved on 6 sides. Each Additional Block will have the letters you specify in the notes.

Top: Baby's Name, and Date of Birth

Left: Your choice of animal or line art. (We can do almost anything)

Right: Angel Wings

Front: First Letter of Baby's Name

Back: Baby Feet

Bottom: Genuine Launa&Jaine angelbabycrafts logo.

If you have a special request please mention it in the notes.