Message From Heaven

Message From Heaven

Meet Ryker Charles Smith, Kentucky, Born April 12,
2022, he would be 2 🩵🦋
His Mamma reached out to us via Facebook to get on
our waiting list.
We are so glad she follow up so we could make this
happen 🙏
Life gets so busy, it's so important we make time for the
things that really matter!

"Ryker was special from the beginning. He made our
family feel complete. He was the best son a parent
could ask for. He was and is perfect. He was the first
male born on my side of the family in 40 years, blessed
with a calm nature and easy temperament that
brightened everyone’s mood, Ryker possessed the
cutest laugh, which was music to all of us. Ryker’s
captivating eyes were the color of an unclouded sky
around noon — sky blue. He had a dimple on his left
cheek that made you smile whenever he smiled, which
was often. He was and continues to be loved by all who
knew him.

I imagine Ryker and Jesus exemplifying joy, peace, and
love. I see Ryker holding a big blue butterfly in the
palm of his hands and Jesus touching the butterfly with
his hands, too. I see them both looking at each other
with excitement because they are sending this butterfly
down to earth to his mommy and daddy. I see Ryker's
dimple showing because he's smiling so hard at Jesus
knowing this butterfly will bring his parents comfort. I
also see Ryker's beautiful hair combed to his side like
his mommy always did. I see Jesus protecting and
holding Ryker until his parents get to Heaven.

I imagine Ryker and Jesus being on a hill with the tall
grass moving in the wind. I see them under a beautiful
willow tree with bright flowers and butterflies flying all
around them. There's a warm golden glow shining
through the willow tree that hits Ryker and Jesus
making them shine."

Thank you Kaylah! For sharing your vision and faith
with us. 🤗✝️

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