We Remember

If you're reading this, you're invited!

Together we can change the world... one heartfelt gift at a time.

It all started with a simple gift to a friend. April Woodley purchased a digital print to remember Alexander Anthony Bowman. We wanted to share our memorial blocks with someone we knew had lost a baby and Alexander's Anniversary was coming up.

We reached out to April Woodley because we thought her son was Alexander. 

Angel Baby Memorial block

As it turned out, April had ordered the gift for her friend, Roxanne. She understood what her friend was going through. April had a baby anniversary coming up on January 3rd. When we learned this, we wanted to send them both a gift and asked for her mailing address.

That's when we found that she was from Australia, over 8,000 miles away! She accepted our gift and told us about her Son, Nate Somsay Woodley. ♡

 April expressed her desire to pay postage.

When her Friend Roxanne learned a gift was being sent to her, she asked if she could send one to April. We had already prepared both blocks.

Now we had a dilemma, too many givers and not enough receivers. This is about the best problem this world could have, wouldn't you agree!?

So how do we make it bigger?

That's when we started, "We Remember". To allow parents and families to give in honor of their Angel Babies.

Please join us in comforting others. This program is designed to snowball. 

How many hearts will be lifted because you decided to give?

What imprint will your Angel leave on this world?

We'll be keeping track of the impact your gift has and we can't wait to post updates!


Upcoming Angel Anniversaries