Someone Worth Remembering

Someone Worth Remembering

Today is Luke Michael Hamilton's Birthday. You have probably never heard of him, he was born still one year ago today. He never took a breath... but he has changed our world.

His name means "giver of light"(Luke) and "gift from God"(Michael) (our daughter 'Jaine' also means "gift from God")

We had created a gift, and felt to send it to the Hamilton Family. It is always a little scary offering gifts to strangers... there's a fear of rejection, a fear of causing offense... giving of your heart is never easy.

After a week of hesitation we finally reached out to let her know we had a gift for her.

This was her response, "I am sitting here crying in a park at the thoughtfulness of your gift and email. It’s my birthday and our Baby Luke was suppose to be here this week and your email brought me to tears."

Moments like this don't just happen. We had been working up the courage to offer this gift for a week. We can only believe her Son was pulling strings to see that it was given at exactly the right time.

There's so much more we want to share... but many things are reserved for those who walk this path. Little witnesses to the love of God. Little assurances and impossible "coincidences" that remind us we are not alone.

The photo featured in this post is another one of those moments she shared with us. It would be best shared by Her. 

Suffice it to say, seeing a butterfly is one thing, but to have one land on you… that’s a sure sign it’s a message. The message from your Angel is very simple: “I am alive and well and have not forgotten you. I love you.”

It has now been one year since his birth... and... We Remember Luke.

Emily, thank you for seeing the vision... of what we can do by remembering our Angels. You have used your experience to bless and comfort so many, and we have seen the little miracles along the way.

May God Bless the Hamilton Family. 🙏

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