Stories With Jesus

Stories With Jesus

 A Custom Portrait to honor Dylan Marie Feller MN 🤍
Dylan Marie passed away just 6 weeks after birth. 😔
She will be six in August.

Inspiration from her mother:
"Dylan always made me feel like she knew more than her sweet little age. Her eyes told such a story, even though she never spoke a word.

I always tell Dylan’s little brother that her and Jesus sit together and read stories and look down on us and he tells her all about her little brother.

I describe Heaven her little brother as a place filled with nature and butterflies and birds. We talk a lot about the fluffy white clouds and that there are rivers and trees and a big area for Dylan to run around" 🤍

Rosy cheeks, very fair skin and if you look close you'll notice the dimple at the end of her nose. 🤗

Here is her Little brother holding the painting, now he can see what Mamma's been telling him about all these years. 🥲

It has been such a pleasure to get to know Dylan through this process.
Thank you Brittany, for sharing your sweet daughter with us.
Truly there is no foot too small to leave an imprint.

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