Pay it Forward


I sincerely hope and pray this experience has created a way for you to visualize and share your Angel with others.

I dedicate and sign my work to the glory of God, see if you can find the signature if you haven't already. 🤗


I hope that what you remember most in my work is the one creator who makes all things possible.✝️

If there is any trouble with your print, or you are not thrilled with the results, please let me know! I need real, honest feedback so I can learn and improve. 🙏

Common Questions:

  • How much should I contribute?
    • As much or little as you feel it is worth.
      • or
    • What you can afford.

    • Why don't you charge upfront?
      • I am an artist, not a business man. Though I've read many books on business this goes against everything they say I "should" do. This isn't about making money but about doing something meaningful with my life in memory of my daughters. Still it would be a dream come true to support my family with such meaningful work! 🙏
      • I believe in the goodness and generosity of people, especially those who have experienced the loss of a child... They understand that life is a gift, not something you can purchase. 🤍
      • I believe if I am generous others will be too, I'm done with "transactions" and I don't want to work for money anymore. I'm willing to do meaningful work for free.
      • This is my way of rebelling against consumerism and investing my faith in the words of Christ when he said, "you will reap what you sow" and "take no thought for the morrow."

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