We Remember Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

We Remember is a gift giving program to remember and honor Angel Babies

How do I register?

When you are given a gift from our shop we automatically register your baby's name and birthday. If you have not received a gift from us you can register here for free.

What do I have to do?

Nothing, you will receive an email on your baby's birthday stating that "we remember" your angel. If a gift is available we will contact you to confirm your mailing address.

Do I have to give a gift in return?

No, We will give as many gifts as possible regardless of who pays it forward.

We believe that there is no foot too small to leave an imprint on this world. Every heart that beats, no matter how long can make this world a better place.

There is a time for giving and a time for receiving. If you don't know if it is time for you to give, that is perfectly normal and ok. It is a time for you to receive. 🙏

We give gifts regularly in honor of Launa and Jaine and invite others to do the same for their Angels. We have found deep healing in knowing that our Angels are driving us to do good things for others.

Those who do good on behalf of their Angels find a sense of purpose and healing in knowing their baby's life is truly a gift. We show how they have blessed us by how we bless others.

What If I don't want to participate?

You can ignore our messages or send us an email if you don't want to be contacted.

I'm in, how do I participate?

The basic idea is that we give in honor of our Angels. We remember others, by sending a card, an email... something to let another family know. "We still remember your baby."

For now, you only need to register and we'll keep you informed as we make progress.


We are working out photos, and videos to better explain how this will work but we are so excited you are interested in helping your Angel leave an imprint on this world!

What information do you share?

Your Angel's First and Middle Name and Birthdate. Your state/country.(If you only provide a first and last name we will give a first and last name.)

We will not give parent names or contact information unless it is approved by both families.

What happens next?

We are now a registered non-profit 501(C)(3) under the name of "Remembered Angel" Launa and Jaine is an extension of this Non Profit. We want to expand our ministry and give globally. Our official beginning date is Launa's Birthday May 17th

When you give in memory of your angel, they will have a cascading effect. Each year we will report on how many gifts have been given because of your Angel. You will begin to see and feel the imprint your Angel is having on the world. You will be invited to continue to share and give in honor of your Angel each year on their anniversary.

We are still building the program to keep track of all of this and learning as we go. The bottom line is, We Want to Remember our Angels, and We want to Remember Yours. Life is a gift, and the more we remember how precious it is, the more likely we are to make the most of it.

This is designed to snowball, we hope to reach as many families as possible. Alone we can bless a few people and we will. Together we can change the world.

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How it all Began

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