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3D Jesus Holding a Baby In Field of Sunflowers Miscarriage Gift

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This art is the perfect way to remember a baby or infant that has gone soon.
What an amazing way to keep the memory of a lost baby alive and provide comfort to bereaved parents.

Sunflowers symbolize growth, companionship and the sun.
As C.S. Lewis said, "I believe in Christianity like I believe in the sun... not only because I see it, but by its light, I see everything else."
Sunflowers are fragile and beautiful while Jesus is constant, safe and eternal.

This perfect combination of strength and beauty will be sure to bring tears to anyone's eyes who contemplates its meaning.

One of the most difficult challenges with baby loss is that others want to be respectful while a mother is grieving.
Most people go silent, but a grieving mother wants to be assured her baby is remembered and loved by others.

Show someone you remember their Angel, Invite someone to remember yours in a beautiful way that is sure to comfort those who mourn.

The solid wood frame is hand made in Utah with splined corners with an acrylic face to keep dust out of the art.
All wood to wood Amish styled joinery.

BUTTERFLY COLORS: (combine any of the following)
- Blush
- Sand
- Pearl
- Sky
- Sage
- Gold

- Driftwood
- White
- Fawn
- Cocoa
- Black

- Small - 8x8 in a 9x9 Frame 1.5" Deep
- Medium - 10x10 in an 11x11 Frame
- Large - 12x12 in a 13x13 Frame (Black Unavailable)

Please note that the colors will vary depending on your monitor settings.
Each piece is made to order based on your requests so we cannot accept returns.

If you would like a proof before we ship, please ask when ordering.

We may use a photo of your gift for examples.

We will also add the baby to our "We Remember" program. A gift giving program for grieving families.

If you do not want to be a part of the photos or "We Remember" please mention it when ordering.