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3D Lighted Nativity Joseph and Mary | Christmas Décor

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This heartwarming Christmas art is a perfect way to commemorate a baby or infant who departed too soon, especially during the holiday season. It's also an excellent choice for announcing an upcoming baby, spreading joy for Christmas.

Featuring a classic Nativity scene, our artwork portrays Joseph and Mary cradling the Unborn Baby Jesus. The message, "One Child Can Change The World," emphasizes the boundless potential of an unborn child, reminding us that every child is truly invaluable. You can subtly highlight the baby's gender by selecting a pink or blue background.

This cherished gift evokes the spirit of Christmas, reminding us of the immeasurable gift of life.

Encased in a sturdy solid wood frame with an acrylic face, this artwork not only preserves its beauty but also ensures that dust stays away from your cherished piece. It's a meaningful addition to your Christmas decor and a touching tribute to spirit of Christmas.