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3D Lighted Sunflower Memorial Gift | Infant Loss | Loss of a Daughter | Loss of a Mother | Loss of a Wife

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This art is the perfect way to celebrate a loved one who has passed.

This art features a hand made paper Sunflower. It has been delicately folded and interwoven with fairy lights to make it truly one-of-a-kind.
Designed to remember the loss of an infant, the loss of a daughter, the loss of a mother or the loss of a Wife.
This gift is meant to celebrate the infinite beauty she brought to our lives, and that her light still shines in our world today. 💮✨
This gift has been inspired by real loss, and the desire to express what cannot be spoken... the perfect mix of gratitude and sorrow... appreciation and heartbreak.
A flower's bloom is never long enough, but its beauty is one that makes life worth living.

Specify any quote or let the art speak for itself.
This message says, "she's eternally beautiful, her light continues to shine".

This gift is sure to bring tears to those mourning the loss of their dearly departed.
Show someone you remember them, show someone you truly care. 💕🌹✨

The solid wood frame is hand made in Utah with splined corners and an acrylic face to keep dust out of the art.
All wood to wood Amish styled joinery give this frame extra durability and a handmade touch.

- Driftwood
- White
- Fawn
- Cocoa

8x8 in a 9x9 Frame 1.5" Deep

Please note that the colors will vary depending on your monitor settings.
Each piece is made to order based on your requests so we cannot accept returns.

If you would like a proof before we ship, please ask when ordering.

We may use a photo of your gift for examples.

We will also add your recipient to our "We Remember" program. A gift giving program for grieving families.

If you do not want to be a part of the photos or "We Remember" please mention it when ordering.