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In the arms of Jesus Memorial Print

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We believe grieving is not about “letting go of”, but “moving forward” with those we love.
We also believe Christ is the true healer. (Matthew 5:4)

Our little shop is how we share one simple truth. “Life is a Gift”

Launa was born May 17th 2009, Jaine was born June 27th 2018,
Both at 36 weeks… they never breathed. 😔

We were never given the cause for their deaths…
Perhaps it was to comfort someone like you?

As parents of children who never took a breath we understand that life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
Here’s to creating those moments… one heartfelt gift at a time.

Use this print to send a beautiful message to someone in need of knowing they are remembered, loved and supported. God Bless you for going out of your way to show them your love and support. 🌻

Available in any skin tone upon request.
We also add personal touches upon request to make this gift one of a kind.

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This is a DIGITAL file. NOT a physical print.