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Mother and Father with Angel Baby Miscarriage Gift, Wall Art, Digital Print

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When you or someone you know loses a baby there is no'thing' that will take the pain away.
This agony leads to a sense of helplessness and loneliness.

Every heartbeat... no matter how short, can make this world a better place. The loss is deep.

Your baby is so much a part of you. When the baby leaves, you are literally torn apart.

Losing a baby is a devastating experience.

The truth is, no'thing' can bring our angel's back, no matter how many 'things' we buy.

Our gifts are designed to show we care, that we remember, that we hurt with you. Your baby is making a difference. You are not alone in missing them.

Your gift will be cherished and appreciated when it is received because it is given from the heart.

No two angels are the same, no loss is comparable.

All angel's are priceless.

Alone... we can give and bless a few people. Together we can change the world. One heartfelt gift at a time. To learn more about how 'we remember', please visit

Our promise: to give more than we take. If anything we do does not bring comfort and peace, we will make it right.

This is a Digital Print, No Physical Copy Will Be Sent